Title: SurvivalCraft
Price: $4
Platform: iOS, Android
Developer: Igor Kalicinski
Rating: 10/10


More Blocks On Your Pocket – SurvivalCraft Game Review


As game rumored to be better than Mojang’s Minecraft: Pocket Edition, SurvivalCraft is in every way similar to Minecraft, but with added survival features: non-blocky entities, a major number of animals, and much, much more. In fact, I do believe that SurvivalCraft is better than MCPE, and is at par with Minecraft PC. To help you decide for yourself, I will list the key features of this game.



At first, second, and third glances, the game looks awfully like a Minecraft clone. This is because the game took heavy inspiration from Minecraft. From the environment and landscape, to the inventory interface, the game has Minecraft written all over it. I know what you’re about to say, “Why buy this when I can have the original MCPE?” That’s a good question that I will answer in this review. First, SurvivalCraft is much cheaper than MCPE and it has more content. So when you’re a little short in cash, you will still have the Minecraft game you love for $3.00 less.


Tons of Unique Features

Going back to the question of how SurvivalCraft is better than MCPEE, I will list some of the game’s features that greatly appeal to me as an MCPE player. SurvivalCraft has an absolutely massive world similar to the PC version of Minecraft – that alone is a great feature when you’re an MCPE player. In fact, Survivalcraft features a lot of things that Minecraft PC does and MCPE doesn’t. Examples are: dark gloomy caves and custom texture pack support (there is a Minecraft texture pack in SurvivalCraft, how about it?). Unlike Minecraft, the game has a little story upon which you will know your goal – and that is to survive. Along with this, the game features tons of new means to survive; players can build traps, throw stones, poke bulls with spears, shoot birds with slingshots, and more. Monster AI’s are smarter and a lot more aggressive, so surviving in the wilderness is no easy thing.


Final Verdict

Being developed by a single person, SurvivalCraft gives players the sense of adventure and the thrill of surviving in the wild, while Minecraft – Pocket Edition allows the players to exercise their creativity and focus on their building skills. So basing on the Minecraft’s standards, I give this game a perfect score of 10/10. In fact, I found no reason to hate this game. It is like MCPE with many added features and for a $3 less – why is there not to like? As for me, the only thing that makes MCPE stand out is the multiplayer support it offers.

So if you want to play with friends, then get MCPE. If not, then I suggest you get this game instead and support the developer – he deserves it!